Wednesday, May 19, 2010

search my job

I have a lot of times now.
because i quitted my job. lately in japan , the economy is decreasing gradually.
my job was not good situation, low salary , hard work and boss character so bad. lol

I am looking for new job. but my age disturbs me to look for jobs.

yesterday I had a interview for job. it seemed to be able to give the check persons good impression. hahaha

I hope to get new job. though low salary omg..........

Sunday, September 7, 2008

long time no see

how are u? everyone.... but nobody read hahaha.

after i got the other job, it has already spent a half and year.
i have been busy, in the low salary.

and i had a trouble in the Internet.
it liked a bad dream.
my video was put on a website without my agreement by a Chinese.
he seems to take a video when we chatted , i did int know doing that.

i don't know why....... he is crazy.
i requested a site to remove it but he added it again and again.
i has already cut his connection.

then my good friend negotiated him not to add any more but
he this time... my friend's photo added there...... wow!!. really crazy man.

a lot of people use the Internet. and in the world.
but people in china are low moral i guess.
copy right and food troubles and so on.
certainly some good and some bad men there are, i know that.
when i experienced this , maybe i will never contact Chinese.
sorry Chinese good men! but i was angry for him.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

japanese beauty

please watch this two bronze statures.
don't you think what beautiful statures those are ?
at right side, gakko-bosatsu. meaning is moon light.

at left side, nikko0bosatsu. meaning is sun light.
they are next to the greatest god for medicine each other.
in japan, the exhivitions are held at the national
musium at ueno.

they usually have "kohai" , meaning is the light,
like left picture.

but this time nothig.
so we can see their backs now.

maybe this show is the first we can see them's.
when i saw them, i lost words. stay at just looking them.
how great they are!!!!!
they were made in 700's AD.  
i admire ancient japanese people for beauty.
i guess as beautiful as Milo-Venus

and i bought the stacker , put on my cell phone.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms season has come in japan again.
i began to write this blog last year i guess.
already a year passed away.

today i went to the tea house near the omiya park to watch the arts drawn by my friend .
on the way to the house, while i was walking through the park,
a lot of people were drinking and eating some jank food under the cherry blossoms.
yes, Japanese love cherry blossoms very much.
its color and how to fall down its petals. when the breeze blows, some petals drop down like as if snow flakes are dancing , and when the end all petals has fallen down at the same time.
it seems that tiny human souls go up to the heaven.

the tree exists in the central city , too.

it fits around the buildings as if the art

Sunday, February 24, 2008


the other day i met a friend from singapore in tokyo.
we had a good time, though we met at the first.
my bad english maybe took him to confused. lol.

well after he came back to singapole , we had a chatting though with pc.
and then, he said to me " i drink 'cow piss'" in tokyo."
i was very surprised. what terrible drink they drink!!
i felt his says a joke. nooooooooooo. serious.

in detail what he said was "calpis". it is made of milk and very popular drink in japan.
hahahahaha...... i got it.

and when i read his blog after that, i was surprised at his article again.
it says he was surprised that beer and sake was sold in the vending machine in tokyo.


that is common in japan.

is japan very strange country? hahahaha. yes, we are out of the law. free! hehehe.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


this flowers are in my working room.
i seem this is a kind of cactus. maybe x'mas cactus.

but have you ever watched a japanese monster movie?
he was born in the nuclear war.

and he fought an another monster which was born in the Venus.

it' s here.
he is "king gidora"

mmmm resemble?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

a happy new year

i went to the shrine near my house in hometown .
this picture is the gate entering to the shrine.
the name is "torii” 鳥居 in japanese.

the origin of torii isn't sure , but it owns the border between human and God . here is human area and over is God are... so to speak Heaven ?
there are some houses in the heaven though hahaha.

the color is red, and big. sometimes people used to draw a "torii" on the wall around house. why?
hahaha for forbid doing stand pee . yes, being spoken that japanese people is polite ,
when they drink and aren't seen to others, they become very rude and not polite.
so it's reason drawing the torii. it will bring them the sin if pee, cutting dicks .